NMI Certification of Approval for PMC-340

日期: 2018-05-15
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NMI 14/2/102

CET is very pleased to announce that the PMC-340 has obtained the Certificate of Approval from The National Measurement Institute (NMI) of Australia with approval number NMI 14/2/102, issued by the Chief Metrologist under Regulation 60 of the National Measurement Regulations 1999. The PMC-340 has been Performance Verified by UL with reference to NMI M 6-1 Electricity Meters, Part 1: Metrological and Technical Requirements.

The PMC-340 is designed for the low voltage power/energy metering market featuring DIN rail mount, high accuracy, multifunction true RMS measurements and a large, easy to read LCD display. The PMC340 complies with the IEC 62053-21 Class 1 and IEC 62053-22 Class 0.5S kWh Accuracy Standards for 100A Direct Input and 5A CT Input, respectively. The PMC-340 comes standard with a LED as well as a Solid State Pulse Output for energy pulsing. The PMC-340 provides 2MB memory for Data Recording and 3 Digital Inputs for status monitoring, Tariff switching or pulse counting for collecting WAGES (Water, Air, Gas, Electric and Steam) information. The standard RS485 port and Modbus protocol support allow the PMC-340 to become a vital component of an intelligent, multifunction monitoring solution for any Power and Energy Management System.

NMI Certification of Approval for PMC-340
Voltage (U)±0.5%0.01V
Current (I)±0.5%0.001A
kW, kVA±1.0%0.01kX
kWh, kVAhClass 1 for 100A Direct Input0.01kXh
Class 0.5S for 5A CT Input
kVAhClass 20.01kVAh
HarmonicsIEC 61000-4-7 Class B0.1%
NMI Certification of Approval for PMC-340
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