Wireless Solution for 3-Phase Energy Measurement

日期: 2020-03-10
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PMC-352 & PMC-1302-3 

PMC-352 & PMC-1302-3 Wireless Solution


PMC-352 & PMC-1302-3 Wireless Solution

The PMC-352 is CET’s latest offer for the wireless IoT energy metering market using LoRa Technology. Compliant with the IEC 62053-21 Class 1 kWh standard, it’s equipped with one standard RS-485 Port with Modbus RTU protocol support as well as an optional AS923 LoRa Module for wireless communication. The PMC-352 comes standard with 3xDI and 4xRTD for Status and Temperature Monitoring. Designed in a compact DIN form factor measuring 36x65x90mm, it is perfect for condition monitoring applications in space-limited power distribution boards.


3-Phase LoRa DIN 

Energy Meter

PMC-352 & PMC-1302-3 Wireless Solution

The PMC-1302 Ethernet Serial/LoRa Gateway supports the efficient transfer of serial packets between the upstream network-based applications and the downstream RS-485 serial and optionally LoRa wireless devices via a TCP/IP connection. Instead of using a Windows based 'Virtual COM' driver with a port-mapping utility, which is often plagued with driver incompatibility among the many different Windows versions, the PMC-1302 allows applications to directly connect to it via a TCP/IP connection for the transfer of serial packets inside TCP/IP frames to and from downstream devices.


Ethernet Serial/LoRa


AS923 - Applicable to the following Countries:

Asia Pacific: Australia, Brunei, Cambodia, Hong Kong, Indonesia, Japan, Laos, 

Malaysia, New Zealand, Singapore, South Korea, Taiwan, Thailand & Vietnam.


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