Power Quality Monitor

This page show all of the Power Quality Monitors Scope, and you can click the picture of meter for more detail information.

Power Quality Monitor
Power Quality Monitor


Typical Applications

  • Class 0.2S Revenue Metering

  • Power quality monitoring of main incomer or critical feeder

  • Waveform recording at 256 samples per cycle

  • Extensive logging capability with 4MB on-board memory

  • Utility, industrial and commercial metering

  • Substation, building and factory automation

  • Low, medium and high voltage applications

  • Analog meter replacement

  • I4 monitoring


Typical Applications

  • HV, MV and LV distribution substations at critical customers

  • Data Centers, Semiconductor Fabs, Heavy Industries and 7x24 automated manufacturing facilities

  • Dips, Swells, Transients, Harmonics and Flicker monitoring

  • Main incomer and critical feeder monitoring

  • IEC61850 support for Substation Automation and Smart Grid


Typical Applications

  • PQ monitoring at HV, MV and LV Utility Substations

  • Data Centers, Semiconductor Fabs, Heavy Industries

  • 7x24 Automated Manufacturing Facilities

  • Dip/Swell. Transient, Flicker and Disturbance monitoring

  • Mains and critical feeder monitoring

  • Substation automation with IEC 61580 protocol

  • Retrofit applications with optional Class 1 Split-Core Current Probes


Typical Applications

  • PQ Check-up at HV, MV & LV Utility Substations

  • Site investigation & diagnosis for PQ problems

  • Electrical Testing and Recording

  • Fault investigation and identification

  • No Load and Full Load Test

  • Mains and Critical feeder Dips, Swells, Transients, Flickers & Disturbance Monitoring

  • Harmonics Monitoring

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