Product Family

Intelligent Multifunction Meter, Single-Phase Multifunction Meter, Remote Terminal Unit, Advanced Multifunction Meter
  • Intelligent Multifunction Meter
  • Single-Phase Multifunction Meter
  • Remote Terminal Unit
  • Advanced Multifunction Meter
Digital Single-Phase Energy Meter, Digital Three-Phase Energy Meter
  • Digital Single-Phase Energy Meter
  • Digital Three-Phase Energy Meter

Advanced Power Quality Monitor, Advanced Power Quality Analyzer
  • Advanced Power Quality Monitor
  • Advanced Power Quality Analyzer
Multi-Circuit Power Monitor
  • AC Multi-Circuit Power Monitor
  • DC Multi-Circuit Power Monitor
  • DC Multi-Circuit Insulation Monitor
  • Multi-Circuit Power Monitor

Ethernet Serial Gateway, Industrial Fiber Ethernet Switch, Redundant Fiber Ethernet Switch
  • Ethernet Serial Gateway
  • Industrial Fiber Ethernet Switch
  • Redundant Fiber Ethernet Switch
Fiber Ethernet Media Converter, Fiber Serial Media Converter, Communications Processor
  • Fiber Ethernet Media Converter
  • Fiber Serial Media Converter
  • Communications Processor

PecStar® Software: PecStar® iEEM (integrated Energy Efficiency Management), PecStar® iEMS (integrated Energy Management System)
  • PecStar® iEEM (integrated Energy Efficiency Management)
  • PecStar® iEMS (integrated Energy Management System)

CET is a leading vendor of Energy Management System and provides complete solutions for energy management & power quality monitoring for the commercial, industrial and utility markets. CET supplies high quality yet economical Energy Management Solutions

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