The PMC-592 MCPM is CET’s latest offer for PDU, LVDB and Load Center applications that require multi-circuit monitoring. Housed in compact metal enclosure, the PMC-592 is perfectly suited for applications that have high density metering requirements. The
The PecStar iEMS Energy Management System provides a comprehensive software solution for the Protection, Monitoring, Control and Management of the electrical, mechanical and other physical assets for Utilities, Industries, Institutions, Manufacturing Faci
The PMC-1304-3 is the ideal embedded equipment for connecting RS-422 or RS-485 enabled serial devices to an IP-based LAN, making it possible for SCADA or other applications to access serial devices over a LAN for monitoring and control applications. The P

PMC-340 and PMC-220 are CET’s latest offers for the low voltage energy metering market featuring DIN rail mount, high accuracy, multifunction measurements and a large, easy to read LCD display. The PMC-340 provides 3-∅ multifunction measurements with 100A
The PMC-53A Intelligent Multifunction Meter is CET’s latest offer for the low-cost digital power/energy metering market. Housed in an industry standard DIN form factor measuring 96mmx96mmx67mm, it is perfectly suited for industrial, commercial and utility
PMC-680i & PMC-670 are advanced power quality monitoring products that have been certified for IEC 61000-4-30 Class A compliance and therefore can provide a complete picture of PQ Compliance Level at any critical points in a power transmission or distribu

PMC-512-A is CET’s latest offer for the economical multi-circuit monitoring of Data Centers, Telecom Base Stations, Industrial & Commercial Buildings. Housed in a compact DIN Rail Mount enclosure, the PMC-512-A is perfectly suited for high-density meterin
PMC-512-D DC Multi-Circuit Power Monitor is CET’s latest offer for Telecom Base Station, Renewable Energy, Commercial Building and Industrial Automation applications that require Direct Current (DC) multi-circuit monitoring. Housed in compact metal enclos
PMC-512-J DC Multi-Circuit Insulation Monitor is CET's latest offer for a compact, multi-circuit insulation monitor for Data Center PDU and Renewable Energy applications. The PMC-512-J features quality construction, High-accuracy Residual Current measurem

CET Products Catalogue: Designed for Reliability Manufactured to Last, Industrial Grade Components, Extended Temperature Range, Standard Tropicalization, Extended Warranty

CET is a leading vendor of Energy Management System and provides complete solutions for energy management & power quality monitoring for the commercial, industrial and utility markets. CET supplies high quality yet economical Energy Management Solutions

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