DIN Meter

This page show all of the DIN Meters Scope, and you can click the picture of meter for more detail information.

DIN Meter
DIN Meter


Typical Applications

  • DIN rail mount

  • 6½ digit Multifunction LCD Display

  • 63A direct current input

  • Solid State Energy Pulse Output @ 1000 imp/kWh

  • Standard RS485 port and Modbus RTU protocol

  • Multifunction monitoring solution for EMS


Typical Applications

  • DIN rail mount

  • Easy to read 7-segment LCD display

  • 100A Direct Input or 5A CT Input

  • LED and Solid State Pulse Output for energy pulsing

  • Standard RS485 port and Modbus protocol

  • Industrial and commercial metering

  • Building Automation, Sub-metering

  • Power quality monitoring


Typical Applications

  • Status monitoring

  • Remote control

  • Utility pulse counting for WAGES applications

  • Substation, building, factory and utility automation

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