Multi-Circuit Monitor

This page show all of the Multi-Circuit Monitors Scope, and you can click the picture of meter for more detail information.

Multi-Circuit Monitor
Multi-Circuit Monitor


Typical Applications

  • Data Centers’ PDUs

  • Clean room LVDB – LV Distribution Boards

  • LV Substation Multi-Circuit monitoring

  • Load Center Monitoring

  • Ring Main Unit Metering

  • Motor Control Center metering


Typical Applications

  • Data Center and Telecom Base Station PDUs

  • Industrial and Commercial Distribution Boards

  • Other High-Density, Multi-Circuit Monitoring Applications


Typical Applications

  • Data Center DC Power Monitoring

  • Photovoltaic DC Distribution Boards

  • Telecom Base Station DC PDUs

  • Other DC Power Distribution Units


Typical Applications

  • Data Center DC Distribution Boards

  • Renewal Energy Applications

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