Why partner with CET?

Partnership with CET will provide you with access to our resources as well as the latest information of our products and technologies. Our dedicated engineering team will provide full support and necessary information, giving you confidence that you will have the support you need anytime, anywhere. CET is committed to working with you side-by-side to grow your business in novel and exciting ways.


CET is committed to delivering comprehensive, accurate and easily accessible information to support your business growth and help you increase efficiency to support your customers. We provide you quick access to key resources, documents, and training based on your business needs, which make doing business with CET simple and profitable. Our authorized Contractors will have priority to access our highlighted news, new products and solutions.


CET is providing innovative products and cost effective solutions to meet customers' needs. We have expertise to understand the demands of our customers and to accomplish or even exceed our customers' expectations. Experience has proven that authorized distributors are essential to help us to deliver quality products and solutions to our mutual customers, as well as achieving the highest quality customer service.

Equipment Manufacturer

In order to grow your business and increase your customers' satisfaction, you need to find a way to surpass all other competitors. You must be looking at new ways to be more efficient, reduce development costs and get your products to market faster. We can help to reduce risk in selling products using our international experience, to increase performance and reliability and open up new markets with our expertise.


Engineering consultants may need support to increase the speed and accuracy of the design process. Join CET now to boost your business by staying up-to-date on codes and standards as well as new technologies. You can contact our experts when complex issues arise and get latest news of products and solutions to make your design a vantage.

System Integrator

CET is dedicated to provide full support to our System Integrators who have demonstrated extensive application experience, professional project execution and a commitment to delivering low risk solutions to meet customers' business demands.

Developing partnerships with CET could increase your business opportunity and enhance your technical capabilities. It is about leveraging your local expertise together with our innovative products and cost effective solutions to help you grow your business.