iEEM for Centralized Data Centre in Hong Kong

REC Green Technologies Company Limited is an energy solution company in Hong Kong that strives to provide innovative Energy Solutions for their clients to create a greener and healthier living environment by optimizing the building performance in terms of environment protection, energy efficiency and saving.

Project Scope

This was a pilot project initiated by REC to establish a Centralized Data Centre in Hong Kong, integrating energy data from various Local Servers (two locations in Hong Kong and one in Shanghai) to the Central Server for centralizing the monitoring and control as well as benchmarking


Each site had already been installed a PecStar iEMS® for local data acquisition and management. However, it was not feasible to make comparison or benchmarking. Therefore, an IT platform was required to integrate data from each of the PecStar iEMS server through internet.

Data security, User Access Right and Authority Level were the major concerns. Besides, REC requested a dashboard for real time energy performance monitoring.

Solution & Result

PecStar® iEEM (integrated Energy Efficiency Management System) was deployed as the core software and served as an IT platform to integrate data from all Local iEMS servers. In order to avoid data hacking and blocking in transmission, Data Encryption module was added as a standard installation in every local iEMS server to secure data transmission. Users could access the iEEM server through web browser with pre-defined Authorities and Access Levels. In addition, iEEM comes with standard editing tools to help users to customize the dashboard for plotting trends, pie charts, comparison charts, .etc. for benchmarking.

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