Multi-Circuit Monitoring for Commercial Building

This is a case about the application of PMC-592 in a typical commercial building in Asia. Most of the higher floors within the building are occupied by data centres and IT companies, while the lower floors are shopping mall with 100+ retail shops.

Project Scope

In an effort to identify when, where and how much electric power was being used to help reducing unnecessary power consumption, an intelligent Multi-circuit monitor was required. In addition, sub-meter billing function, temperature monitoring, remote control and harmonic measurement on all electrical branches to data centres were all critical, too.


Measuring electric power for multiple circuits required costly and difficult-to-install power sensors. The challenge of this project was high metering density inside the PDU and the feeders for data centres were not allowed to have a scheduled outage for CTs installation.

Solution & Result

Our Multi-circuit Monitor, PMC-592 was proposed as a solution. Each PDU was installed with a PMC-592 and 4 CT strips for up to 84 low-rating circuits monitoring. Whereas on all main feeders to Data Centres, high-rating split core CTs were used to avoid scheduled outage.

PMC-592 supports billing for sub-meters and virtual meters which are combined with physical branch circuits. The PMC-592 comes standard with harmonic measurement on all circuits; two digital inputs for status monitoring, two relay outputs for control and two RTD inputs for temperature measurements. The customer was satisfied with this cost effective solution, since one solution solved all his concerns.

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