Energy Management System for a Media Complex in Singapore

Mediacorp is a group of commercial media companies in Singapore, with business interests in television and radio broadcasting, interactive media, and, to a lesser extent, print publishing and filmmaking.

MediaCorp intended to set up an Energy Management System within a 15-story media complex for monitoring, control and cost allocation purpose.

Project Scope

This project involved the installation of 1000+ Panel Meters, 130+ Data Loggers and RTUs for data acquisition and storage, 50+ Multi-circuit Monitors for Data Centre applications and 60+ PQ Meters for main feeders' Power Quality monitoring.

In order to facilitate an effective monitoring in such a huge system, 30 servers, including 1 Main Server and 29 Local Servers, were established. Each local server manages the data from local metering points for monitoring and control. The Main Server retrieves data from each of the local server for global monitoring and reporting.


The major challenges were the huge number of metering points within this system and heavy workload of setting up connections between meters and servers, as well as data mapping in database.

Solution & Result

Owing to the fact that huge amount of data and alarm signals were involved in manipulations, therefore the flow charts for both alarm signals and metering data were required to determine beforehand. The network architecture, data traffic analysis and redundancy plan were critical concentrations too. Apart from using 1000+ CET meters, PecStar iEMS® (integrated Energy Management System) was deployed as the core software in this system based on its features below:

  • Distributed, modular, hierarchical and client-server architecture suitable for applications of all sizes and complexities which makes the system stable enough to process the giant data.

  • Automatic data collection, monitoring, processing and storage of analog, digital and structured parameters which help to build a flexible and scalable network architecture with excellent data analysis and redundancy capabilities.

  • The system configuration module and client application modules (including PecDraw, PecView, PecReport, PecEvent) provide a more effective way to determine flow charts for both alarm signals in advance.

As a result, the system was launched successfully. This again to prove that our PecStar iEMS® is a scalable system which could handle a huge system like MediaCorp, and more.

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